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Ideas to spread joy in the neighborhood during quarantine while still keeping the recommended social

These are some of the fun things we have started in our neighborhood to keep smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts. I realize not all of these will be safe things to do in all neighborhoods. Hoping you are able to try some of these or modify these in a way that works in your neighborhood.

These can all be done from a safe distance or left as gifts for neighbors:

Joke or riddle treasure map (see picture idea)

Exercise course (see picture idea)

Hopscotch route

Porch concert

1-2 song dance party in front of neighbor’s house

Egg hunt map (the eggs are in the chalk and there is a map)

We did most of these over the past several weeks.

The neighborhood is like a living, breathing document now. The kids...and adults are enjoying participating in various ways while still keeping our safe distances. Of course, the rain washes away the chalk every so often and reminds us gently of our impermanence. Gratitude for the rain as well.

May the strength of joy, gratitude and presence light your way through these times.

Together we are able to dig deeper and uncover what is essential.


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