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The Essential Team

Authentic, Inspiring, Wise, Experienced

Our clinicians and support professionals inspire the wisdom, confidence, and radical realizations that can help you get unstuck, overcome obstacles, and unlock your authentic potential.

While we are trained in evidence based therapies, we realize that long-lasting change can only occur when an individual feels comfortable, connected and calm enough to witness their own inner wisdom. By taking the time to help you feel more comfortable with yourself and others in a safe, judgement-free environment, we are better able to provide you with the custom tools and techniques to get you to the next level or path on your journey.

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Essential Counseling is now hiring only the best Licensed Mental Health Therapists. LCSW, LCSWA, LCMHC, LCMHCA, LMFT, LMFTA, CRC, CRCA all should apply.

​Deborah B.

"Leon Monroe has made an enormous difference in my child’s life. Leon has a very calm presence. He quickly developed a rapport with my child after other therapists had been unable to help. He uses creative strategies to encourage open communication during therapy. The social groups at Essential are designed to engage children playfully through common adolescent interests. This has been a far more effective approach for my teenager (with Level 1 autism) than other groups we have tried. I have seen tremendous growth in my child’s resilience and social relationships since treatment began. We have also received valuable support and guidance from other members of the team. The team’s experience and skill in treating autism spectrum disorder has led us to feeling much more optimistic about our child’s present quality of life along with the future ahead".


Beyond traditional counseling and therapy, are Essential Counseling and Therapeutic Services

Individualized Therapy

Weekly Individual Therapy sessions have shown to be highly effective for targeting both short-term and long-term goals.


Exposure Therapy is also highly effective for phobias, fears, obsessions, compulsions, OCD. 


We specialize in DBT, ACT and CBT for issues that may arise as a result of Autism, Aspergers, ADHD and other Neurodiversities.

The components of DBT include:

mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance.

We have found that many people in the ASD community benefit from our modified DBT approach.

 Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) has also proven to be effective for many.


We offer an array of social group, clubs and courses to meet the various personalities and cognitive levels of those we serve. Our current groups include:

Tuesday Night Neurodivergent -Affirming Social Confidence Group for Adolescents


Tuesday Night Social and Therapeutic Group: Ages 5-18

Thursdays 12:30-2pm:

Neurochannels: Adult DBT Group  

Friday Night Monthly Dinner Group for Adults


Tabletop Game Group utilizing the Critical Core Method: Ages 15-18

Adaptive Therapies

We offer Independent Skills Training and Therapeutic Support in the Home and Community utilizing services often offered by your insurance plan.


We also provide Parent and Caregiver Training and Self-Care. 




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